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T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design


Thank you for ordering a custom t-shirt with me. My preference is for you to provide me with your artwork in a PNG file, however, I can design something special for your shirt. 


Designing your t-shirt is a separate fee and will take up to 48 hours to confirm final design specificiations. I want to send you a few options for you to choose from before we go to print. 


If you order this as an options, please submit your ideas to my email at:


    Have you ever walked into an event and saw someone else with the same thing you had on? It's the worst! We all want to be unique and stand out in our own way. Having a custom t-shirt guarantees that when you walk in the room, you won't be embarrased by seeing someone who looks like your twin or BFF!

    Be an original. 


    We pride ourselves on quality and customer service. Lets work closely to ensure that we get it right the first time.  Since this is a custom order, there are lots of moving pieces. I'm willing to answer as many questions you have and making sure you're a happy customer! That's my guarantee. 


    Our team wants to make this easy and convenient for you.  We can arrange a time for pick up or we can deliver in person or by postal service for a nominal fee. Please specify your request.  

Cash App is Now an option!


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