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The Authors

I wrote this book with and for my daughter. We believe that confidence is the key to success. We are passionate about making sure that women and girls recognize that they have superpowers. Kennedy is an emerging digital artist and created all of the illustrations inside this book.

In the News
Little Black Pearls for Little Black Girls

From the time our little girls come into the world, they are bombarded with images and messages that don't always affirm who they are as individuals and future leaders. We must work a bit harder to ensure that our little Black girls grow up to be strong and confident women who understand their true power, beauty, intellect, and value to the world. 


Little Black Pearls for Little Black Girls is a book for all ages! This book is filled with beautiful pearls of wisdom to inspire pride and confidence in the reader. If your little one could use a boost of confidence or a closer connection with you, then this is a must-read! This book is excellent for mothers and daughters, mentors and mentees, aunts and nieces, grandmothers and granddaughters, or just friends. Each chapter includes an activity that promotes conversation, confidence, and a deeper connection to one another.

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