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Speak On It


I write and speak about  things that I am most passion about! My topics will align with my core values:


Leadership, Lifestyle, Liberation, Love and Legacy. I want those who have been the most marginalized in this country to win at work and life (leadership) and ultimately be truly FREE (liberation) to do what you desire (lifestyle) not what you must. My hope is also that our children and their children will no longer have to struggle like we have (legacy). Most importantly, I want to remind other FIRSTIES to lead with the heart (love) in addition to the hustle spirit that we all needed to employ in order to arrive to this point. 

Your voice has the power to change the world. 

There are some things that make you want to say WTF! Did that really just happen? Things that elicit the consummate side eye.  But we just put our head down and keep working.


This is a space to SPEAK ON IT!

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