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I help women and people of color to be bold, confident and effective leaders to do things they have never done before.





You followed all of the rules... now what?

If you are Black, Latinx or a woman in the United States, most days feel like the deck is stacked against you and that you have to work twice as hard to achieve that "good old American dream". We live in a world where your race, class, income or gender determine the quality of life you will live. I believe we can change that!

You are way too talented and you worked way to hard to still be struggling.  Education is a critical part of leveling the playing field, but it is NOT enough. Education gets you in the room but it guarantees you nothing. 


The world needs your superpowers and I want to help you bring them to the stage. I help Black women and other marginalized communities to use both hustle and heart to achieve the hopes and dreams of our ancestors by sharing the {unwritten} rules nobody teaches us in school.

Imagine a world where we could show up unapologetically and still win! I'm here for it. Are you?

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Are You Stressed & Frustrated with Work?

What if I told you that you were playing the right game but somebody gave you the wrong set of rules?  If you are Black or the First in your family to graduate from college, you definitely received a different playbook. Find out these unwritten rules that will change your work life!

Unfortunately, they don't teach this in college. But it is the secret that separates the good from the great!

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“The first time I heard Dominique Jordan Turner speak was during a conference and she was electric. I clearly remember how it seemed as if everyone in the room disappeared, if only for a brief moment. She demanded the room so much so that I knew I had to get her information, stay connected, and engage her as often as possible. DJT's voice, capacity to articulate ideas, and dominance of a space, are all clear indicators of her unique and captivating character. What a gift she is to the world and how lucky are the many that follow her”.

Darnell Leatherwood

Founder- Black Boys Shine


“Dominique Jordan Turner is one of the most captivating and engaging Public Speakers you will ever encounter. She has the ability to capture a room with her transparent and riveting stories that are both inspiring and informative. Dominique is the epitome of grace and class and she knows how to make her audience feel like she is talking directly to them. A gift and skill that is rare and invaluable”.

Joi Worthy Johnson
CEO - The Motivational Architect


Dominique's passion and conviction to support other's to achieve their vision of success creates a feeling of confidence that is so strong you feel invincible. That's how Dominique makes me feel. Whenever I find myself in a difficult situation professionally, I think about 'how would Dominique handle this situation'? The answer is going to be "speak the truth" or "do what's right" 99.9% of the time. Hearing Dominique's voice in my head, but also knowing her dedication to the truth and doing what's right, gives me the courage and strength to push forward. 

Christopher Rudd
Founder + CEO, ChiByDesign

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